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By 18-01-2017

Utrecht-based Dato makes musical instruments for future generations, taking as a starting-point that making music should be fun right from the start. A Dato instrument is always surprising and at the same time easy to use. DUO is Dato’s first product.

Founders Toon Welling and David Menting: “We find synthesizers too much fun to leave it to adults only. We have put all the things we like best in synthesizers in one single instrument.” Musicians and non-musicians of all ages were involved in the design process, which resulted in a unique and robust instrument.

Toon and David have already had several years of experience in the Dutch design landscape. Last year, Toon took part in Driving Dutch Design, a program for talented young Dutch designers. David has for six years now been running a successful design firm for interactive products.

Participant Driving Dutch Design 2016