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Studio RIANKNOP www.rianknop.nl

Dwelling Buiksloterweg Amsterdam

By 05-02-2021

Studio RIANKNOP, an Amsterdam-based studio for interior architecture, designs very distinctive interiors. Strong conceptual designs that tell a story in which the client, users, property and architect come together. Always researched with an organizational strategy, designed with feeling and on top of everything applied in an extremely functional way.

This lot on the Buiksloterweg in Amsterdam is unique. Studio RIANKNOP also thought about the façade, created the layout and designed the entire interior. Due to this approach the interior is seamlessly connected to the exterior.

Entirely in the marshland style, the façade is covered with wood. The black burned wood emphasizes the graphic interplay of lines of the façade. While the façade of the house is mainly closed and the slatted structure only allows light to pass through at some places, the rear is left open as much as possible. On hot days the small garden is an extension of the living room; the entire ground floor can be opened by means of a square-angled sliding front. The house has become a contemporary variant of a traditional architectural style.

The architects have aimed to connect the various living areas inside the house.  The ground floor has a connection with the 1st floor by means of a large loft and an eye-catching staircase. On this floor is an additional living room with DJbooth, a library and a movie corner. Connections are created by means of an open kitchen cabinet that cuts through the floor and ends in a bookcase. The ceiling of floor 1 is lined with original Brooklyn tins and is visible from many angles.

On the ground floor a lot of attention has been paid to the extraordinary kitchen-living  room. This kitchen is the supporting element for the stairs and the open cabinet. The floor which continues in the garden is making the garden even more part of the kitchen.

Partners: OAK Bouw, Houtwerk, Modular Lighting, Oudshoorn Leemwerk, Household Hardware, New York Ceiling
Photography: Phenster – Mark Kuipers