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Eastern Metro Line Amsterdam

By 07-12-2020

New book: Eastern Metro Line Amsterdam – Designing the system
The renovation of the Eastern Metro Line Amsterdam between 2009 and 2019 is beautifully expressed in a book! Metro Oostlijn Amsterdam (Eastern Metro Line Amsterdam) takes the reader on a journey along the award-winning renovation of the Metro Oostlijn: from history to future, from vision to strategy, from drawing to production and from sketch to reality.

The Eastern Metro Line Amsterdam has started a new life. Between 2009 and 2019, a series of five underground and eleven above-ground metro stations was extensively renovated into a metro line worthy of the Dutch capital city: organized, comfortable and modern, with an eye for historical qualities.

For this dream assignment, architectural firm GROUP A and strategic design firm Fabrique joined forces. To this end, they took the original brutalist architecture as a starting point and at the same time they intelligently used the serial character of the metro as a coherent system. Furniture, lighting, advertising and signage have been systematically addressed and architectural interventions brought the routing, safety and appearance to a new, higher standard. Tile pictures and a series of special interventions reinforce the coherence between the stations and the Eastern Metro Line’s own character. The result is a renewed Eastern Line that embraces the past and is focused on the future.

Authors: Maarten van Bremen, Jeroen van Erp, Maarten Lever, Catja Edens
Design: Fabrique – GROUP A
Publisher: Lecturis