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Marc Th. van der Voorn & Koen Koevoets www.marcvandervoorn.nl


By 31-05-2021

The EverDesk is an ode to the classic school desk, which has slowly been forgotten. After thorough research and the application of various improvements and cleverness, the furniture is ready for endless use by this and subsequent generations.

The most important design choices at a glance;
EverDesk is made entirely of wood. Solid wood where possible and composite wood where curves or material thicknesses play a role.
The furniture grows with you, from young to old. Both a child and an adult can take place behind the desk. Parents and child sit at the same table height and are thus more a part of each other’s world.
The technology for adjusting the furniture is integrated in the design, for example, the backrest moves with it when the seat is raised or lowered, the table top is reversible for both left and right-handers and the footrest can be set at the desired height.
There is plenty of storage space under the table top. The tabletop can be placed horizontally as well as in the writing or drawing position.

EverDesk has been awarded the reddot award.

Client: Eszter Papp, EverDesk
Industrial designer: Koen Koevoets
Furniture designer: Marc Th. van der Voorn