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False Mirror – Eclipse

By 28-09-2021

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DDA nomination Data & Interaction
If future humans will ever live in entirely virtual worlds, what would their lives be like? False Mirror is an open and interactive virtual reality project that explores speculative futurism and inhabiting virtual spaces. In Eclipse, ALLLESSS examines cohabitation scenarios between (post-)humans that cannot be imagined in real life; how would we live if we were not hindered by language barriers, geography and social hierarchy? False Mirror – Eclipse consists of a live VR performance and a hybrid exhibition in which visitors communicate with each other by taking on diverse roles and observing the shared virtual world through various different lenses.

Expert panel
In False Mirror – Eclipse, ALLLESSS translates popular cultural topics, (social media) behaviour and references to nature into a futuristic, Dali-like experience. This project is a behavioural experiment that incorporates elements from both gaming and art and design, into which subtle socially critical messages are interwoven. Eclipse questions how we as people – now and in the future, in the real world and virtually – relate to each other. ALLLESSS explores and pushes the boundaries and meaning of virtual reality by making the concepts of post-human and digital humans tangible. The fact that the project can be experienced both as live performance and individually (and without special VR goggles) makes this submission complete.

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