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Victor de Leeuw

For those who fell

By 04-05-2020

Book of Honor for the Wassenaar victims of the Second World War

It is 75 years ago when the Second World War came to an end. During the past years, an investigation was initiated on the names of the Wassenaar victims. Although the investigation on the list was closed, experience has shown that new facts and insights continue emerging. It is therefore obvious that it always remains possible to make improvements to the list.

Design a loose-leaf system to make the list of names accessible to visitors of the Town Hall. The book contains a foreword, reading guide, poem and a list of ± 550 names. The logo of the Municipality of Wassenaar has to be visible on the cover and with each name. Required number of books: 1.

Upon inquiry it appeared that the list is updated only once every ± five years. Therefore, a loose-leaf system is not necessary. The costs are mainly made in the preparatory phase. A sturdy, beautifully bound book which reveals only one name and/or family when opened and of which every day one page is turned in the Town Hall, represents a dignified book of remembrance for the Wassenaar victims of the Second World War.