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Benjamin Motoc www.benjaminmotoc.com

Functional Drawing

By 08-04-2021

Functional Drawing is a project that deals with the concept of perspectives, positioning and the process of creating objects from simple drawings.

There are many different ways and methodologies for designers to start their creative process, but drawings and sketches are the most common way to visualise a starting idea. This chair embodies this act by projecting a drawing into an object.

This chair is a conceptual object that suggests a playful look in the production process of a designer which is intricate yet often taken for granted: putting an idea on paper and making a physical object from it. This step of translating a 2D sketch into a 3D object is here exemplified in an obvious and unmistakable manner, as the 2D sketch is literally sketched into the 3D object. Placing this very familiar drawing inside a tridimensional shape of resin allows the viewer to experience it through different angles and perspectives. This connection is further enforced as the sketch inside the object is the same colour as the classical blue ball-point pen that doodles are so often drawn with.

The outcome is a suggestion to reconsider our most simple and spontaneous drawings as final designs.

Photos: Dimitry Suzana