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Mies Loogman

Gene Machine

By 25-02-2018

There is a discrepancy between the realities of crop breeding today and the image people have of it. Being the daughter of a cauliflower breeder, designer Mies Loogman saw an opportunity to inform the public in an entertaining way about genetic modification.

Users can play her Gene Machne – a slot machine of sorts – by pressing a button. If the screen ends on three matching images, the machine prints a receipt that can be exchanged for a card with useful information broken down in easily digestible chunks. Loogman sees her machine as a method that can be used to open up a range of topics from different perspectives.

Mies Loogman graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and started her own company. She focuses on communication design and seeks to make complex information accessible and tangible to a broader audience. It is about providing people with information to give them the chance and opportunity to form their own opinion on social issues. She likes to collaborate with universities and institutions to create a co-working environment in which design is intertwined with the knowledge of others.

Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven – Man & Leisure, 2017

Photos: Maartje Strijbis and Ronald Smits