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Harmen Liemburg

Graphic Days Torino – Harmen Liemburg

By 17-05-2021

ONE WEEK ABOUT Graphic Days by Dennis Elbers, founder of Graphic Matters and guest-curator of Graphic Days ‘Eyes on the Netherlands’.

After more than a year of standstill, I got a taste of what it was like again in Turin. Travelling to an inspiring place, building up and viewing exhibitions, making new friends, discussing our profession and hearing what it’s like there.

Take the Covid test track: as smooth and flexible as it is in the Netherlands, it is so sluggish in Italy. Not to mention the enormous amount of paperwork you have to fill in.

Anyway, this blog is about Dutch Design… So we can’t complain about the quantity, distribution and quality of our graphic workshops. In Turin, we were guests at Torino Print Club, a group of very dedicated print enthusiasts who keep a great graphic workshop going with minimal resources.

We already think so about our workshops, but this trip paints a different picture. Screen printing ‘master’ Harmen Liemburg gave a workshop in Turin with super enthusiastic participants. It took some getting used to, however, the wooden(!) screen printing windows and facilities that he describes as ‘ghetto style’. It could not spoil the fun, so nice to be almost back to ‘normal’ again.

Graphic Days Torino
‘Eyes on the Netherlands’
14 – 30 May, 2021