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Richard Niessen

Graphic Days Torino – Richard Niessen

By 16-05-2021

ONE WEEK ABOUT Graphic Days by Dennis Elbers, founder of Graphic Matters and guest-curator of Graphic Days ‘Eyes on the Netherlands’.

An Alphabet of Cases from the Palace of Typographic Masonry
When, months ago, I challenged Richard Niessen to translate his ‘Palace of Typographic Masonry’ into an exhibition, he had to take a breath. In principle, his fictitious museum contains an infinite number of rooms, spread over three floors and nine departments. Translating it into a presentation would be a monster task!

Uncertainty about the opening date gave him some time to think and, in the meantime, Richard had come up with a form that would do justice to the layout of his museum, without pretending to be complete or designing a whole building for it. It is precisely the imagination of the visitor as to how this museum might look that is important.

After months of hard work by a large group of involved builders and designers (the ‘collection’ contains 10 new assignments), the hangar in Turin is majestically filled. 26 drawers give a very layered cross section of the enormous collection and the clear thinking on which it is based.

There is so much to discover for graphic designers and lovers of visual culture. From the earliest forms of writing to recent developments. To help the visitor on his way, there is an audio guide. Richard’s personal story behind his palace should be compulsory reading for every design education! Which museum will bring this brilliant installation to the Netherlands?

Graphic Days Torino
‘Eyes on the Netherlands’
14 – 30 May, 2021