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By 27-01-2022

Groef is a unique and generous digital experience that allows its users to playfully browse and discover the large 78 rpm record collection that The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision holds.

Groef contains 8000 tracks from the rich Sound and Vision’s 78 rpm collection that have all been digitised, but has since received little attention in the Netherlands. Through Groef Sound and Vision is able to provide access to music that is rarely if at all accessible via existing traditional music streaming services. With genres ranging from jazz to folk music, from cabaret to barrel organ recordings the collection covers a period from 1910 to 1960 and provides surprising insights about the records on sale during this period.

Groef is a web application which users can easily access from the browsers on their smartphone. By spinning their phones, either manually or using spinning objects such as a cake stand or of course a record player, users can playfully interact with songs from the collection. They can speed up and slow down the song or mix and scratch the music like a DJ. After a few seconds of spinning the songs will be unlocked and added to the user’s collection to be listened to later or shared with friends. With over 8.000 songs to unlock, Groef provides more than enough incentive to keep exploring. Groef is created in close collaboration with Sound and Vision.

Visit Groef at:

Groef is powered by: Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid,