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Noortje de Brouwer www.noortjedebrouwer.nl


By 23-06-2018

Fantasizing about a utopian world in which the sense of touch comes first in the hierarchy of the senses Noortje Brouwer wondered: How would people then communicate with one other? What would our environment exist of? What effect would it have on our well-being?

This is how ‘Haptopia’ was created, a textile sculpture that can have different temperatures. In contrast to the many sterile areas in this society – think of universities, hospitals and offices with smooth walls, empty corridors and neutral temperatures – Noortje de Brouwer wants us to feel again. She creates objects that infiltrate these spaces and invite you to (re) discover our sense of touch. Only when you interact with the object, it will reveal its true nature. So: touching allowed!

Noortje de Brouwer (1991) graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2017.