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Hisko Hulsing www.hiskohulsing.com

Hisko Hulsing

By 15-08-2018

ONE WEEK ABOUT Animation by Cinetoko

After working six and a half years and producing no less than 25.000 drawings for his film, Hisko Hulsing completed his masterpiece ‘Junkyard’ in 2012. In this film, Hulsing’s sharp eye for detail is visible in all aspects of filmmaking. His hard work has been rewarded by an invitation to come to the Disney and Dreamworks studios and as the Dutch representative entered for the Oscars for ‘Best Animated Short Film’. At the time, newspaper NRC Next described the film as follows: ‘Junkyard is not only a lush and warm-blooded visual treat but also a narrative containing an opinion and intriguing moral layering.’

After this success, Hisko became a respected illustrator and animator cooperating on big productions such as the documentary on Nirvana’s singer, ‘Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was released worldwide by Universal Pictures. At the moment Hisko is laying his talented hands on a new movie, entitled ‘Undone’, as co-director with Amsterdam-based production company Submarine.

Undone – www.submarine.nl/project/undone/
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