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Mianne de Vries

‘Layered’: Colour in porcelain

By 22-12-2019

Layered is a research project of colour layering in porcelain. Objects are cast in different colour layers and processed with different tools to make the layers visible. Each object and tool brings out the hidden colour layers in a different way. Each object becomes unique and therefore different.

Mianne de Vries: “In my work I want to surprise people, let them interact and create unique products/objects. In this way I want to create a bond between product and user.”

“This research is also mainly about the choices I make. In which layers do I cast, how long do I process an object and when will it be finished? Will it become more beautiful if I go further and look for the layers even deeper?”

“In this research I look at colour layering in different ways, let myself be surprised and try to get a grip on the process. This is only a small part and during Object Rotterdam I will show the next steps in the research.”