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The Fabricant


By 28-10-2021

Dutch Design Awards (DDA) has been leading in the interpretation of excellent Dutch design for years. The aim of the organisation goes beyond simply rewarding the best design: DDA wants Dutch design to be part of a larger conversation.

DDA Winner Fashion
Digital fashion house The Fabricant launched a beta test of a new digital fashion platform: LEELA. LEELA – which means ‘to play’ in Hindi – enables users to create a photo-realistic avatar that they can dress in digital couture from the specially created collection FLUID. Using 3D technology, they can make pictures of their digitally dressed avatar from various perspectives and share them on social media. A revolution in the physical experience of wearing fashion, and a new business model for the post-pandemic fashion industry.

Expert panel
In terms of new business models and a less wasteful fashion industry, The Fabricant is an international frontrunner. They cleverly anticipate an inevitably digitally focused future, enter into interesting collaborations and at the same time continue to create a desire for fashion with great design power. With LEELA as a playing field for expression, The Fabricant introduces a more democratic and commercial level to the digital fashion industry, without losing sight of their immense creative quality. It sketches a new-artisan scenario for the future of our identity and how fashion can play a role in this.