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Between life and death lies Hope

By 07-06-2020

Winner Brons – European Design Awards 2020
Category Alcoholic Drink Package

This special design edition of the HOOP Old Ale has been developed by PROUDdesign for brewery HOOP. To honor the establishment in the village of Zaandijk (NH) by Hendrick Pietersz Oudt-Heijn and syn wyf (his wife) 525 years ago.

The traditional, wax-sealed bottle is wrapped with a classic label and a modern elastic band. The created label comes from the last paper windmill in the world, ‘the Schoolmaster’ in Westzaan. Next it was manually printed on an old-fashioned Heidelberg Degel at local printing company Heijnis&Schipper, using classic print plates for colors, embossings and foil printing.

The label is on both sides printed with the story and the blurred face of Oudt Heijn and syn wyf on the outside. The illustrations are deliberately printed out-of-register to emphasize the manual way of working.

The interior side shows an old map of the village that indicates the location of the old windmills (‘life’ and ‘pale death’) and the new brewery.  Proof that the people from Zaandijk live between life and death, with fortunately now (brewery) HOPE in the middle.

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