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Motion Paintings

Light artwork ‘Focus’ in viaduct Welschapsedijk

By 03-12-2020

In the past weeks the viaduct on the Welschapsedijk has been transformed into a work of light art. The walls of the viaduct are equipped with a graphic design that comes to life by colored light.

The Amsterdam-Eindhoven collective Motion Paintings drew the inspiration for this work from microscopic phenomena. To this end , the collective went on an excursion at the Eindhoven branch of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a company that produces electron microscopes. With the design, Motion Paintings aims to make the hidden microscopic world more accessible to the general public.  Similar to the operation of a microscope, special LED lighting ensures that different layers of color get ‘into focus’. This creates an illusion of movement and brings the work of art to life.

Coordination: Vincent Huibers & Pim Bens
Designer and Execution: Motion Paintings
Location: Welschapsedijk – A2, Eindhoven