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Lena Winterink


By 08-04-2020

We keep many objects not necessarily because they perform a certain function but because they are a bridge between the present and the past. They represent a specific moment, a certain time period. Letters, a pebble from a beach, sugar wrappers, something you once collected. These things are difficult to throw away because they help us remember.

However, our attitude towards keeping and saving is changing. The desire to live with less is rising as we are getting more mobile and have to adjust ourselves to the smaller spaces we live in.

Is it really necessary, when we discard an object, to also throw away our memories?

‘Mementos’ reflects on the way we carry object-related memories with us without physically keeping the objects. When discarding an object, you sign a contract that states that your object is carefully documented. It is then used in a unique print on textile that can be used for multiple purposes.

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