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Mindful Urban Dwelling

By 12-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Master Graduation project
Joseph Kesisoglou

Care and conviviality as a means to foster community resilience and adaptation
How can you help people deal with an impending crisis swiftly and remain prepared for the next one? Joseph Kesisoglou’s MSc graduation project introduces a social networking platform that empowers citizens to address issues in their community through collaboration.

By using this platform, citizens (urban dwellers) become mindful of local situations affecting their livelihoods and that of their fellow dwellers through the practices of observation, documentation and knowledge sharing. It may be best understood as soil on which relationships can grow. Citizens can propose new ideas towards improving their neighbourhood’s wellbeing, as well as mobilise key people for making their ideas a reality (for example the council, neighbours, local businesses).

Through a mobile app, citizen’s proposals are put forward for public deliberation among neighbours. These ideas can range greatly – from street accessibility to greening or provisions for heatwaves such as water fountains and additional shade to care for the neediest members of the community. The premise of the project is that strong relationships have the capacity to foster greater resilience.

Project mentors: S.E. Baha (graduation committee), R.A. Price (mentor), Michel Becks (graduation committee)
Full thesis: resolver.tudelft.nl

Thesis project undertaken under auspices of the Big Picture Lab (Delft Design Labs) directed by professor Jeroen van Erp and funded by NWO (Dutch Research Council).