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Monastery souvenirs – Marjolein Keijsper

By 24-05-2021

Brabant Monastic Life
In order to preserve the iconic monasteries for society, it is important to show the meaning of the monasteries again and again. Therefore, C-mone and Kunstloc Brabant developed the design assignment ‘Brabant Monastery Icons’ and invited designers and artists on behalf of the province of Noord-Brabant to design a product to tell the stories of monasteries in a different way.

Marjolein Keijsper
Marjolein Keijsper studied fashion design at AKV St Joost and worked for some 10 years with other cultures and craftsmen in various countries. As a designer, she is inspired by old traditions and stories. She has worked for fair trade brand Return to Sender of the Hema, among others.

Missieklooster Heilig Bloed, Aarle Rixtel
For the souvenir, textile designer Marjolein Keijsper was inspired by the stained-glass windows, the red cord and the close bond with Africa. A unique painting hangs from a red cord that refers to the ‘mark’ of the missionaries. Next to Saint Joseph, the medal of Saint Christopher has been added to protect the traveller. The miniature paintings consist of colourful pieces of fabric with the playful lines of the stained-glass windows on one side and African fabrics on the other. These small works of art are made together with the mission sisters and in the future also with the Jabulani-Self-Help project in South Africa.

Abdij van Berne, Heeswijk
The residents of the abbey put the community life, the communio, at the centre. Communio stands for being hospitable, meeting each other. A good opportunity for this is eating together. The unique ‘Table of Meals’ is the source of inspiration for the table napkins. Old table linen is given a new life, with a festive edge and a pompon that refers to the bonnet, the former headgear of the farmer. The table napkin can also serve as a handkerchief or knapsack for travelling.

City Cloister San Damiano, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
A puzzle piece as a souvenir to make you aware that you are part of a greater whole. It is made of natural sheet material pressed from coffee grounds on a cord with three Franciscan knots, the symbol of the three monastic vows: purity, poverty and obedience.

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Souvenir photos: Noregt Creative Media, Henk van Mierlo
Monastery photos: Birgitta de Vos