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A Friend of Mine


By 20-12-2017

The Gemeentemuseum of The Hague (Den Haag) has the largest collection of paintings by the Dutch master Piet Mondrian. For the exhibition 100 Years Mondrian and De Stijl, the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag approached design studio A Friend of Mine with the request to highlight Mondrian’s work in an innovative way and to trigger the curiosity of the visitors to the museum’s website to come and have a look at his work.

This resulted in an online abstract canvas focused on Mondrian’s work. The use of a navigation creating brush strokes on the canvas made it possible to know more about the painter’s life: from his love of jazz, Paris and New York to the development of his signature style.

Without any paid advertising, after a month the website had over twelve thousand unique visitors, with an average visiting time of 03:12 per session and seven viewed items on the canvas. Eventually the website was viewed by 30,000 visitors and the videos by over a million people.