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Mother’s Day Teapots

By 09-05-2021

Specially for Mother and Father’s Day, a campaign with 50 teapots full of stories

With the idea of making a teapot to go with Social Label’s storytelling service, the idea arose that it would be better not to invest in a new mould. It is difficult to cast a teapot. Besides, there are many white porcelain pots at flea markets and thrift shops waiting for a new purpose. Designer Edwin Vollebergh of Studio Boot has a good eye for a beautiful piece. He takes his time and carefully selects the pots. By bringing together and reviving the stories of the makers of Cello Zorg and Reinier van Arkel, the various classic, iconic and recognisable pots from the past are given new life. An age-old tradition of design is thus given new meaning. White blank ceramics used to come from China and were painted with Dutch motifs by skilled hands in the Netherlands. Now we actually do the same with second-hand tableware from the thrift shop. Recycling at its best, with its own story, socially and sustainably.

Each piece is unique. You can buy the teapots for the special price of 30 euros (instead of 60 euros) during the action period. You are welcome to pick out a beautiful teapot with a message yourself on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Our hostesses will welcome you.

Van Aken’s terrace in the Werkwarenhuis is also open again. Besides social shopping, you can enjoy a delicious lunch from 12.00 under the footbridge. Reserve your spot here.

If not, you can make an appointment or order online. Our hostesses will select a teapot for you, one of 50.