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Photo archive Henk Gianotten – Multiple Roots Heads

By 23-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT photo archive Henk Gianotten by curator Henk Gianotten

This week Henk Gianotten is going to show a number of pictures of designers who were the subject in Roots (Dutch Graphic Roots), a series of publications that aims at generating attention to the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers.

The more than 50 Roots cahiers were most often presented festively at the BNO, the Special Collections of the Allard Pierson Museum, in an eye-catching pub, shop or museum or in the companies of the portrayed person. Henk de Vries was one of the people who was given such a festive celebration.

Photo 1: Designer Henk de Vries was co-owner of Studio Dedato in Amsterdam. The field of expertise includes interior design, architecture and graphic design. His Roots cahier describes Henk’s career and development and those of his agency. Clients and colleagues outlined – as an interesting addition to the printed text – Henk’s qualities as a creative person who liked to explore the boundaries and who regularly managed to realize unique l projects with them. Interesting stories that once again clearly confirmed that graphic design and 3-dimensional design go very well together in one agency.

Photo 1: The creators of this cahier in this group photo. From left to right: Piet Sloot, director of Wilco Art Books in Amersfoort. Wilco has been the main sponsor ever since publishing house Lecturis Eindhoven had to discontinue the printing office. Guus Ros wrote the text of the edition in question, Henk de Vries as a shining centerpiece. That afternoon Robert van Rixtel also formally said goodbye to Paul van Mameren of Lecturis. As a publisher though, he remains very interested in the creative achievements of designers, photographers and architects.

Photo 2: Designer and artist Frans Lieshout poses here with former colleague at Total Design, Joost Klinkenberg. Frans is now also known for his experimental graphics which he exhibits in Bergen and in other places.

Photo 3: The presentation of the cahier about designer Anneke Huig was visited by many friends and former colleagues. The fact that Anneke had worked in the North for a long time was clearly expressed by the visitors that afternoon. Printer Ton van de Laak, in those days working for the Amsterdam printing company Elco, made it clear that he greatly admired Anneke’s work and is still glad that she took care of many print orders back then.

Photo 4: Cartoonist and graphic designer Joost Swart proudly held up the cahier for writer/reviewer/art historian Paul Hefting. That afternoon of the award ceremony Joost loved to tell how much he admired Paul Hefting’s work both inside and outside the BNO. Paul Hefting, who died in 2018, was a very welcome guest.