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NEMO 100 years – anniversary website

By 01-02-2024

A century of curiosity! NEMO celebrated this with various events, activities and a special website. All with the theme ‘The Netherlands Curious’. Fabrique developed the special anniversary website, for which KesselsKramer’s campaign was leading for the concept and design language of the site.

Those who are curious can ask a question here. For example: How can people smell? Why does an ice cream melt? What is gravity? An editorial team consisting of scientists and experts will search for answers and share them on the site.

The coloured spheres represent different types of questions. People can immerse themselves in the large number of questions on the site, which feels like a ‘ball pit’. In the spirit of NEMO, this appropriate and festive interaction was chosen.

Those who want to explore slide their mouse over the various spheres and click on a question of inhttps://www.fabrique.nlterest. Those looking for questions that fit a specific theme choose the sort option. Here the questions are arranged to fit Earth and Climate, Head and Body or the Technique theme, for example.