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Michelle Schipper www.michelleschipper.nl

A Network of Dots and Lines

By 07-11-2022

ONE WEEK ABOUT Arnhemse Nieuwe 2022

Commissioned by Ontwerp Platform, a professional, Arnhem-based jury has selected the best graduates of ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design every year since 2006. This year this jury consists of Floris Schoonderbeek, Mark Kuiper, Diederik Verbakel and Oscar van Leest. Today we present Michelle Schipper, afgestudeerd ArtEZ bachelor Graphic Design.

Michelle Schipper
“As a graphic designer, I like to work with systems and constraints. Therefore, in my graduate work ‘A Network of Dots and Lines’, I used mathematical Graph Theory. According to the theory, an object consists of a fixed number of connection points and lines, which in different compositions can represent the same object. Using this theory, I reconstructed each letter of the alphabet in an alternate form. By identifying the number of points and lines, a letter can be traced back to its original form. In my work, five alternate fonts were created using this system.”