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Maarten Baas and Kiki van Eijk

New Rugs for Nodus

By 29-04-2018

Maarten Baas and Kiki van Eijk have designed two new rugs for the brand Nodus. They were presented during the Milan Design Week.

Design: Maarten Baas. Collection: Nodus Handtufted. Rug in wool and zari, hand-tufted in India. Dimensions: 315 x 232 cm (irregular shape).
Maarten Baas: “I designed a nice interior, but just when I was finished, a big steam-roller entered the room. The whole interior was flattened but it became a great carpet.”

Design: Kiki Van Eijk. Collection: Nodus Handtufted. Rug in wool and viscose, hand-tufted in India. Dimensions: Ø 220 cm.
Kiki vande Eijk: “It is based on the memory of a Venetian Carnival that intrigued me. The feeling of that intense celebration demanded a ‘freedom to move’ that I found in water colours. Hands move quickly over paper with dancing brushstrokes, painting Venetian masks and colourful streamers. There is a magical and mystical element in this celebration, and the Carnival rug embraces the Nodus craftsmen’s know-how to create a source of decadent energy.’