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The Stone Twins x DALL·E www.stonetwins.com

NEXT Restaurant Amsterdam

By 30-09-2022

The launch campaign of NEXT Restaurant Amsterdam uses images created by artificial intelligence software.

Amsterdam-based The Stone Twins have collaborated with DALL·E 2 in order to promote a restaurant that is not yet open. The agency saw this impressive technology as the perfect match for their client’s ambition and their creative vision. They describe the fantastical images as “a night out with Francis Bacon, James Ensor, David Cronenberg and Nick Knight”.

According to Declan Stone: “Both the NEXT briefing and the launch of DALL·E 2 landed on our desk at the same time. As the restaurant was not ready (i.e. no interior, no food, no guests), we immediately grasped the potential of AI to express the world promised, and imagined, by the owners of NEXT.”

In terms of the process, Declan adds: “The crafting process to create the imagery is pure semantics. As creative writers we used colourful adjectives and descriptive references to create short one-lined narratives. We guess it helps having knowledge of photographic technical terms, popular culture, art history – mixed with a wild imagination – for the text prompts. Patience and curation are key to get the desired results.”

“Where this technology leads to is anyone’s guess. Will AI replace designers, artists and image makers? Is it the beginning of the end for expensive photoshoots, where models, set-dressers, stylists and photographers are made redundant? Who knows? Having said that, we still believe that ‘great’ art and image-making will always require human interaction, expression and talent. AI is no replacement for the human spirit.

For now, we’re enjoying tapping into the cultural zeitgeist.”

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