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Floris Kaayk

Next Space Rebels

By 29-06-2021

Digital artist Kaayk develops a game about rockets and a free internet

For the past years digital artist Floris Kaayk has been working in silence on a new project, Next Space Rebels. For the first time, Kaayk enters the world of games. He made a deal with a game publisher from the United States and managed to show the ‘reveal trailer’ during the renowned games fair E3 in Los Angeles.

Next Space Rebels is about building DIY rockets and at the same time exposing real concerns about an increasingly regulated internet.  More and more companies are working on a new internet with satelites in outer space. Who will decide what will or will not be censored? In the game, the fictious activistgroup ‘Next Space Rebels’ plans to launch their own satellites into space with home-built rockets to ensure an independent, free internet.

Later this year, Next Space Rebels will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival, linked to a program in collaboration with the STRP festival. In November 2021 the worldwide release is on PC, Game Pass, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Previous projects with which Kaayk has attracted worldwide attention include Human Birdwings, the music video Witch Doctor by De Staat, Rayfish Footwear, Modular Body and various other transmedia projects at the interface of reality and fiction. Next Space Rebels is Kaayk’s first game.

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