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By 04-11-2020

Ozone is the title of the collaborative project that launches Studio LEWV. The molecule ozone, a trioxygen, also written as O3, is a blue gas formed by UV-light, creating a semi-transparent layer around the earth. The collection consists of three garments that represent the atmosphere that can be felt during social distancing, while reflecting on yourself and the space around you.

Considering our breath is one of the main reasons why we need to keep distance from others, the element of air is an overall theme that gives the atmosphere of lightness in the collection. By using texture, materials and print, the pieces are divided in three themes: volume, transparency, and sereneness.

The first piece shows a light volume of textile that expands the space around the wearer. The second creates a protective separation towards others remaining transparent. The third is a print created with UV-light, resulting in the colour blue, which is considered beneficial to the mind and body and going mentally inwards.

Studio LEWV is founded by Lena Winterink and Elin visser.

Participants ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’
Digital Edition
26-28 February, 2021