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Photo archive Henk Gianotten – Hans Kentie

By 19-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT photo archive Henk Gianotten by curator Henk Gianotten

This week Henk Gianotten is going to show a number of pictures of designers who were the subject in Roots (Dutch Graphic Roots), a series of publications that aims at generating attention to the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers. Today Hans Kentie.

Photo 1: Designer Hans Kentie (left) was the subject of a Roots cahier written by designer Guus Ros. The large balcony at the Dantzigkade – where I took this picture – will be greatly missed in the new housing at the Wilhelminaplein.
Photo 2: In this photo, BNO director Madeleine van Lennep is talking with Jan de Jong, the publisher of the largest collection of graphic design books. Back then, Jan was awarded the Graphic Culture Prize among other reasons for his daring to build such a broad fund.
Photo 3: Stef van Ham, the “partner in crime” of publishing house De Buitenkant is also a welcome guest at the Roots meetings.
Photo 4: Designer Ton Limburg is one of the regular guests of the Roots awards. He was one of the first graphic designers who quickly realized the benefits of DTP for the industry. At this kind of meetings, he regularly introduces fascinating stories about the skirmishes with the first affordable design computer systems to the younger generations of designers.