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Photo archive Henk Gianotten – Peter te Bos

By 20-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT photo archive Henk Gianotten by curator Henk Gianotten

This week Henk Gianotten is going to show a number of pictures of designers who were the subject in Roots (Dutch Graphic Roots), a series of publications that aims at generating attention to the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers. Today Peter te Bos.

Besides being a graphic designer, Peter te Bos was also the driving force behind the band “Claw Boys Claw ” with which he celebrated great successes. Roots cahier number is about his typographical work. Amsterdam is his workplace and therefore the famous music store Concerto in the Utrecht street was chosen to celebrate the presentation of this cahier festively.

Photo 1: Peter sitting on the bench in front of Concerto greatly enjoyed the attention and the interest in both his work and the music.
Photo 2: Among the visitors were designer Hans Kentie (left) and advertiser Paul Mertz. Peter is rightly seen as the link between the advertising world and the graphic design world in the 1960s and 1970s. The very first Roots cahier was dedicated to Paul.
Photo 3: The Financiële Dagblad (Financial Daily) communicates relatively little about the design world. Because Peter te Bos retired after more than 20 years from his contributions to the Lowlands festival, the FD devoted a striking article to the role of Peter in this festival. The headline “Rocker who punched Lowlands in the face” speaks volumes. Fortunately, there were several copies of the newspaper present so that visitors could form an idea of the special relationship by means of the at times juicy details. Designer Hansje van Halem is now the house designer of the festival.
Photo 4: Among the visitors were also BNO director Madeleine van Lennep and designer Jeroen van Erp. Jeroen – in those days an industrial designer – was one of the founders of the Delft agency Fabrique. He was a board member of the BNO for many years and is now a practical lecturer in the unique field of “Concept Design “at the Faculty of Industrial Design of Delft University”.