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Play experience ‘Het Straatscherm’

By 18-05-2023

The new play experience ‘Het Straatscherm’ (The Streetscreen) by Studio Kars + Boom at Stadslab RAUM in Utrecht is the result of a co-creation project with 200 children. RAUM raises societal questions through art and design. Studio Kars + Boom developed an intuitive and inclusive playground installation for RAUM, together with, and for, the children from the Utrecht neigborhood Leidsche Rijn. With this exceptional co-creation they actively contribute to the development of their city.

It’s a unique opportunity for Kevin Kars and Cynthia Boom to design and create together with 200 children with many different backgrounds and abilities. A dream project that connects to their vision seamlessly: ‘Let’s play, color and simplify stories. Together we bring them to life.’

Everything that Studio Kars + Boom stands for a creative studio – from playing, discovering, wondering to enjoying – are all coming together in ‘Het Straatscherm’. The installation playfully joins the different surrounding communities and helps to shape a close-knit neighborhood. Studio Kars + Boom are looking forward to more of this kind of project for different audiences in the future.

‘Het Straatscherm’ originated from a unique co-creation, together with 200 children from the neighborhood. Through their schools the children could participate in monthly interactive workshops where they playfully explored assignments such as ‘How would an animal approach a jungle gym?’. During the last workshop, the children created their own panels for the installation.

A combination of different materials and colors was used to create the best play experience. Multiple senses are called upon and stimulated. ‘Het Straatscherm’ was festively opened with all the children on May 14, 2023.

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Photography: Charlotte Visser