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By 08-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Third year Bachelor project
Floris Alderliesten, Filip Aleksandrowicz, Niels van Silfhout, Ingo Versluijs, Sammie van der Vinne

Printing high-functioning parts with low-function plastics
Over 10% of household waste consists of small home appliances, most of which are thrown away prematurely when some of their small components get broken or lost. Given the lack of options for purchasing replacement parts from the manufacturers or their expensiveness, REPAIR4ALL aims to extend the life of these everyday products and reduce this waste by allowing consumers to print some of their components.

This project’s main challenge was to enable printing of parts originally made of different materials in PLA, the most commonly available material for filament 3D printers. The concept was elaborated and developed in ten weeks, during which many design iterations were printed to repair the case-study appliance, a Senseo coffee machine with a broken lid.

While the design of this part had to be adapted to the material properties and manufacturing methods of PLA, it was eventually possible to obtain 3D printed parts functioning as well as the originals and possibly even better.

Course coordinator: Sander Minnoye
Project tutor: David Klein
Course page: www.tudelft.nl