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Makers Unite x Bas Kosters www.makersunite.eu


By 30-01-2019

After a collaboration at Manifeest 2017, Bas Kosters and Makers Unite realised the similarities they shared in purposeful design. Bas visited the MU atelier where he continued discussions with the Makers about what hope meant to them. Based on these conversations and the raw live-vest materials that characterise the work of Makers Unite, Bas developed the Robotbag.

Bas Kosters: “It’s a perfect example of a Bas Kosters storytelling project where you amuse and trigger people with optimism to tell the story behind certain issues. I’m really happy with the people that I got the chance to work with. Through their craft and labour, I get to tell the story of how important it is to see each other for who we are.”


Fashion show photo: Team Peter Stigter
Robot Bag photo: Marc Deurloo