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Bau Winkel www.mobi-movi.com

Sams, a series of six cars and a caravan

By 18-03-2024

As part of his wooden vehicle installation, Bau Winkel has designed a series of six cars and a caravan on a smaller scale. In collaboration with Mobi Movi, these Sams models were 3D printed from bioplastic, made from sugar cane and elephant grass. The magnetic fenders and bumpers are interchangeable. This way you can put together your own model in your own color combination. ‚Äč

After almost 35 years, this series follows the first wooden dump truck that Bau Winkel made for his son Sam in 1989. This grew into a real project. Bau built, sanded and perfected an entire series (1:14 scale) over the years.

Bau Winkel
As a designer, Bau Winkel (born 1948) is a seasoned perfectionist who loves to be inspired by the streamlined dream cars of his youth. And that is also what makes these mobile works of art so beautiful and cuddly.

Between 1973 and 2013, Bau Winkel ran a multidisciplinary design agency in The Hague. With a great predilection for typography, Studio Bau Winkel worked on a.o. house styles of ministries and stamps for PTT Post. His work has received many international awards and can be found in the collections of the Huis van het Boek. huisvanhetboek.nl

Mobi-Movi asks different artists to design a mobile using their own visual language and world of ideas. An object with a clear signature of the artist. Mobi-Movi produces mobiles by Ossip, Joost Swarte and Bau Winkel in limited editions. They are available in museum and concept stores or via mobi-movi.com