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Sexpack Leuterbier

By 01-12-2021

Leuterbier makes men talk about sex in a different way

On Wednesday, December 1, the crowdfunding of a new beer concept; Sexpack Leuterbier starts. The six-pack of special beer with Leuterbier makes male sexuality discussable in a new way. The Sexpack is an initiative of Circus Andersom and Oersoep Brewery.

Initiator Martijn Engelbregt: “Many men like to joke around about sex, but feelings are rarely discussed. Sexpack helps men to have a frank conversation. The game with the challenging questions loosens tongues and the beer works as speech water.”

Beer that opens men up
Kick van Hout of Oersoep Brewery: “Leuterbier is a heartwarming blond beer with a fresh and fruity character. Thanks to the included Leuter game, playful conversations about sexuality arise, instead of the standard tough locker room talk.” According to the Sexpack’s creators, thanks to the Leuterspel, men are discovering that sharing experiences and feelings around sex is liberating and it can even increase potency.

Penis Dialogues
Circus Differently consists of a group of artists who like to bring about change. They developed the Leuterspel based on another project, the Penis Dialogues. The game includes questions such as: Are you afraid of other people’s penis? Name three forms of sex that you are genuinely amazed by? Which is bigger; your ego or your penis? Engelbregt; “We have been working on this theme for several years. It is really an enrichment for many men when they discover that there is room for their vulnerable sides. The Leuterspel makes room for themes such as jealousy, fantasies, (in)certainties about your body, performance pressure, boundaries, intimacy and love. It challenges people to step out of their comfort zone with a few friends. Kind of scary, but mostly fun, exciting, cathartic and inspiring.”

Foreplay gift
To make the first edition of the Sexpack Leuterbier possible, there is a crowdfunding. From December 1, the Sexpack can be pre-ordered. For €32.50 crowdfunders receive six bottles of blond beer made by Oersoep Brewery and the game with over 70 questions. The beers each have their own label: Lange Jan, Pikkebaas, Flierefluiter, Rampetamper, Lulhannes and the Holy Fallus.

These characters play a role with the caps in the Leuters game. Initiator Engelbregt; “Sexpack is the ideal gift for the man who thinks he already has everything. If you order the Sexpack, you immediately get the digital Foreplay as a gift, for in your shoe or under the Christmas tree. And of course the game can also be played by people who do not identify as men.”

More information about the game, the background and ordering;

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