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Niels Hoebers

‘Slow Stories’: Off-grid Storytelling

By 06-12-2019

‘Slow Stories’ are subtle stop-motion animated scenes that explore the boundaries of film and art. They are endless loops without a beginning or an end. This creates the same freedom as a painting. It slows you down and leaves space for your own interpretation and imagination.By taking the animations off the grid, they contrast our daily video consumption full of hyperactive eye candy to create a more intimate relation with the viewer.

‘Slow Stories’ picture frames are available in limited editions.

Transience of Life
An endless loop of a memento mori.A still-life capturing the beauty of living and dying and reliving.

The Spectator
An endless loop of an urban alienation passing by.

In Memoriam
An ode to the flowers that once bloomed.An endless loop of a rotating mini-bouquet preserved for eternity.

Changing the bulb
A small problem-solving scene captured in an endless loop.What do you need to change a light bulb when you don’t have a ladder?