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By 19-01-2024

Reintegration & education project Assembly Atelier Social label Lab x Iris Toonen

Designing labour as a statement for a different perspective on work and appreciation for all. From their base in the Social label Lab in Den Bosch, initiators Petra Janssen (studio Boot) and Simone Kramer (C-mone) are building a meaningful design collection and a community, in collaboration with the care, education and reintegration sectors.

With this positive activism, Social label foundation is working to build a growing inclusive movement for an economy in which no one is left behind. With now over 50 socially sustainable design products together with the top in the Dutch design field, Social label ateliers and workshops in the Netherlands. An activity program and utensils for in and around the house. Design with meaning. Social label celebrates people as playful beings, and works to cultivate an empathetic society.

Social Label new label> Mirror
The 3D Printer of the Assembly atelier of Social label is the point of departure for designer Iris Toonen. From here, she begins her research into material and technique with her love for colour and tactility. Various colourful filaments lead to individual elements that mix together to form new colours using transparencies and grids. Iris asked designer Herman Hondebrink to support her with the technical implementation. The makers can compose and assemble as they see fit, each maker creating their own unique mirror.

 Product photography: Rene van der Hulst