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By 02-09-2022

StoepStories is a unique eight-part series of Outdoor Flash Photoshows in Amsterdam. They are two-hour outdoor exhibitions of photographers on the pavement in the city. In a frame on wheels hang 12 large photos. Next to it is a box, the ‘speakers corner’, on which the photographers explain their work and enter into conversation with the audience of passers-by, neighbours and fellow makers.

We research relevant topics about Amsterdam and look for creators who visualise these questions in their work. We select image-makers whose work connects or contrasts with the subject in order to sharpen and deepen our view as viewers.

StoepStories is a reaction to the lack of space in Amsterdam for photographers and lens-based artists to experiment with their work. There are wonderful museums and galleries and they don’t necessarily show too little photography, but there is always a high threshold that has to be taken for new projects and other forms. In addition, this cultural acvity is a social meeting place for neighbours and artists, where ideas and experiences are shared. The speakerscorner takes place in the public space, reaching out to different groups of residents and passers-by.

StoepStories 05
ZUIDAS, Jan Rothuizen, Marijn Smulders and Reinier Gerritsen
Gustav Mahlerplein. Amsterdam South, Friday 2 September 2022, 5-7 pm

With these StoepStories we dive into the world of the Zuidas. Marijn Smulders shows the Friday afternoon drinks. Reinier Gerritsen has made a selection of his running bank men and draughtsman Jan Rothuizen shows his drawings for ‘From the Zuidas’. A visual quest for the culture of the financial centre.

StoepStories is organised by Reinier Gerritsen and Wil van Iersel together with the editors: Anaïs Lopez and Jenny Smets.