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The Stone Twins

The Stone Twins question everything

By 18-04-2020

Question everything.Question everything.Question everything.Question everything.Question everything.
Question the reports.
Question the science.
Question the who.
And question the why.

Question the lockdown.
Question the erosion of civil liberties.
Question temporary becoming permanent.
Question the old orthodoxy.
And question the new normal.

Question the economic damage.
Question the decimation of small businesses.
Question the poverty and despair.
Question the benefits.
And question the costs.

Question social distancing.
Question life migrating to the cloud.
Question restrictions on touch.
Question a connected world.
And question an isolated future.

Question extraordinary measures.
Question the vaccine.
Question the app.
Question the gains.
And question the losses.

Question your fears.
Question the tears.
Question while you can.
Question why you’ve read this far.
Question everything.

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