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Mark Sturkenboom

Sweet Anticipation

By 24-09-2020

Sweet Anticipation is Mark Sturkenbooms pièce de résistance. A 50,000-Euro one-of-a kind mousetrap that is designed to change the arrival of an uninvited visitor into the arrival of a long-awaited guest.

Mark Sturkenboom: “In 2012, the idea rose to change our attitude towards the modern, over-regulated household. There is a strict order of whom we welcome and whom we do not welcome, humans as well as animals. Thus, the precursor to Sweet Anticipation was born.”

“Now, seven years after this prototype, we present its successor. Sweet Anticipation is a luxury mousetrap that includes hand-blown and engraved glass components, a Japanese hand-knotted silk rope, an uncut diamond and an entrance made of 18-carat gold.”

“With this object one can domesticate the wild intruder and force him or her to became one’s companion. Of course, it provides the animal with a safe place to stay, with water and food at hand, but more importantly it changes our attitude. The owner of this trap will inevitably wake up one morning with the strong desire that his or her mouse trap will no longer be empty. In other words: Sweet Anticipation.”