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Taskforce Fashion

Taskforce Fashion – Team Tilburg

By 10-02-2022

Taskforce Fashion – Residency for Responsible Fashion
Commissioned by and in close collaboration with the Creative Industries Fund NL, Taskforce Fashion started in 2018, as a unique, multidisciplinary and research-based collaboration between fashion platforms FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion.

In co-creation with Dutch design talent and in dialogue with the (inter)national fashion field and other disciplines, the three platforms investigate the transformative role of fashion in relation to social issues with various experiments.

Team Tilburg – De Stijl van Noord
The city is known for its industrial nature and rich textile history – no wonder the Textiel Museum is based there! However, in North Tilburg 43,5% of youngsters have a low level of education and 21,4% of households earn the minimum income. With 160 nationalities, the city is rich in culture, ethnicities and identity. By focusing on offering new perspectives through identity building and participation, the city aims to reach eudaimonic wellbeing and ultimately keeping the youth away from the criminal path.

Various projects are being developed from the policy to give the city a boost. Most recent example is in Tilburg North with the project ‘ForwArt – Moving forward with the power of art: from a place to hide to a place of pride’ – which was the starting point of the research of Team Tilburg.  They explored how fashion design can contribute to more happiness, welfare and prosperity with a social focus on creating inclusive encounters and stimulating ownership.

The team organized two photoshoots on the power of diversity; diversity in people and in fashion styles. With the help of a local team, Team Tilburg portrayed the striking and diverse youth of Tilburg Noord: the results, more than 25 portraits, were presented during the pop-up photo exhibition ‘De Stijl van Noord’ in NS16.  De Stijl van Noord gives the young people of Tilburg Noord a face. Without fuss, without filter, but with a lot of style and personality. No professional models, but (future) role models. The photos and the exhibition put these authentic young people from underexposed Tilburg North in the spotlight in a positive way.

The team consists of designers Katja Ravina, Jessica van Halteren, Laura Luchtman, Marionella Hanley and Gabriel Fontana, under the lead of Iris Ruisch (M-ODE).

Photography by Raoul Laisina

Textielmuseum Tilburg
Panoramadeck presentation Taskforce Fashion
20 January till 27 March 2022