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Tess Cleven – Living Stone

By 22-02-2017

One Week About design from Limburg by Curator Cube design museum

Living Stone, the series of wellness products designed by Tess Cleven (Nazareth, Israel, 1989) is made of a typical Limburg raw material: marl. Cleven graduated in 2016 from the Design Academy Eindhoven with this series.

Cleven often draws the inspiration for her designs from nature and for this design she was inspired by the applications of marl in Maastricht, where she used to live.

On the one hand, the material is so strong that it can be used to build houses with and on the other hand, it is so easy to process that it can be used to make sculptures. Characteristic features of marl are: porosity, processibility and a large absorption capacity.

On the basis of these properties, Tess Cleven has designed three wellness products: a Scrub (body scrub) prepared on a natural basis, which stimulates the health of the skin, a Scent Stone (fragrance diffuser) that can absorb fragrance liquid and release it again, and a De/Humidifier (be/dehumidifier), which can regulate the indoor humidity by absorbing or evaporating water.

The collection gives marl, a somewhat forgotten material, a new meaning.