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Rosalie Apituley www.uitdemeterkast.nl

Uit de Meterkast

By 11-11-2022

ONE WEEK ABOUT Arnhemse Nieuwe 2022

Commissioned by Ontwerp Platform, a professional, Arnhem-based jury has selected the best graduates of ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design every year since 2006. This year this jury consists of Floris Schoonderbeek, Mark Kuiper, Diederik Verbakel and Oscar van Leest. Today we present Rosalie Apituley, graduated ArtEZ bachelor Product Design.

Rosalie Apituley
“It always remained unclear to me how the polar bears at the North Pole would benefit if I turned off my lights.”

“With my work, I made an attempt to make the abstract world of energy tangible. In our daily dealings with energy, we hardly have a sense of where the energy comes from, or how much it actually is. I have tried to make this tangible by incorporating the movement that I loved about the analog electricity meter from the meter box into objects that we interact with on a daily basis. This allows us to return, as it were, to a ‘prepaid’ system that allows us to regain a sense of how much energy we use on a daily basis.

As a designer, I have a critical eye towards existing systems and love to unravel complex issues, often about social/societal issues and sustainability. I value the role humor can play within design on the path to a more regenerative future.”