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Unseen Empire

By 12-07-2021

Clever°Franke designed a data-driven game together with Internet of Elephants to show the beauty of wildlife and the need to protect it for future generations.

Internet of Elephants (IoE) opened up a large research study by Professor David Macdonald, who is part of the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. This extensive study is created with the use of camera traps, where the camera is used as a device, and automatically triggered by a change in some activity in its vicinity, like the presence of an animal.

IoE developed a concept for a new learning experience that uses the massive data collection resulting from this research. They wanted to create a data-driven game: Unseen Empire. After designing the gameplay and storylines, they asked Clever°Franke to create a unique visual identity and engaging user experience for Unseen Empire. We used bare elements of a vivid natural world to evoke the world of scientific explorers. Every tile pattern is based on real elevation data of that site and the colors are based on landscape type.

Combining data visualizations, photos, and game elements, Unseen Empire represents a new way of telling scientific stories.

Unseen Empire is available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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