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UrbanAR: Design Your Future

By 29-12-2020

One Week About – Student Work, Faculty of Industrial Design, TU/e

Second year Bachelor project
Arjo Nagelhout, Delmar Muilenburg, Janiek Grandia and Timo Maessen

“We want to make the urban design and planning process of our cities more fun and engaging in order to make our cities more of a collaborative effort and make them better for everyone.”

“Currently, municipalities are using old methods to get input from citizens, but we can change that. That’s why we set out to create an intuitive app in which you can design your dream neighbourhood, a new park or crazy art piece – all right in front of you using augmented reality.”

“The app also allows you to share your ideas with the world. Compete in contests and get inspired by others. We tested the app with numerous people and there is one constant in their responses: It’s so much fun!”