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WDCD LIVE – No Waste Challenge

By 02-06-2022

Ahead of What Design Can Do Festival, on June 3 in Amsterdam, we introduce some of the designers. Today we present No Waste Challenge Dutch winners.

In January 2021, What Design Can Do launched the ‘No Waste Challenge’ in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation. This global design competition tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: waste. The 16 winners, all design-driven solutions to take less, make better & handle smarter, will now enter a development programme co-created by Impact Hub, which will propel their projects through 2022. Among the winners are four Dutch designers.

Packing Up PFAS by Emy Bensdorp
PFAS are toxic chemicals that pose a growing problem for both human health and the environment. This project offers a clean-up solution, through a process that turns polluted soil and clay into clean ceramic bricks.

Living Coffin by Bob Hendrikx
The world’s first living coffin: a fully biodegradable casket made out of mycelium fungi, which turns into compost within 45 days.

UnPlastic by Francois Schockaert
Unplastic upcycles food industry and brewery waste to make new and compostable packaging materials.

Clothing Loop by Nichon Glerum
The Clothing Loop makes it easy and fun to share bags of pre-loved clothes by connecting people in local communities.

What Design Can Do Live Amsterdam 2022
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
3 June, 2022