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Donna Verheijden www.donnaverheijden.nl

Land of Desire – Happy is the New Black

By 04-04-2016

Donna Verheijden is a graphic designer and an artist. She is a graduate from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. As a contemporary image maker, Donna sees it as her responsibility to analyze and comment on contemporary manifestations of staged realities.

Her research is mainly focused on mass media and social media, and their seductions and underlying power structures. In her most recent film, ‘Land of Desire – Happy is the New Black’, she questions the profound impact of advertising, pop and visual culture on our lives. To what extent are our desires determined by what others want us to desire?

Among her target groups are also the marketers who from the metadata of apps, social media and websites assemble behavioral profiles that reveal more about ourselves than our DNA does. The short film premiered at IFFR Rotterdam 2016.