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Bastiaan Buijs www.studiocremaster.com

Grandfather Clock and Cremaster Reflex

By 22-11-2015

Lust, and giving in to it, is not a deviation. Bastiaan Buijs believes lust is as normal as feeling hungry or thirsty, and the attributes people use to indulge it need not be hidden away. He wants to free our human sexual urges from shame and taboo.

The Grandfather Clock is a sex toy for women that is visually striking and always ready to use. It is a wind-up vibrator made of durable materials: the brass and metal clockwork is held in place by ebony wood and is visible through the hand-made glass.

The Cremaster Reflex for men is based loosely on a gymnast’s buck, topped with a generous, organic-looking torso. It puts the image of the sad lonely man with a blow-up doll firmly in the past.

Photo Grandfather Clock: Dirk van den Heuvel
Photo Cremaster Reflex: Henny van Roomen