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By 18-03-2015

Currently, wool is for the Texel farmers a useless by-product. The cost of shearing a sheep is higher than the yield of the wool. The project Wolwaeren by designer Roland Pieter Smit increases the value of the wool and provides fair payment for the farmers.

Wolwaeren is a system that manages the entire chain, from virgin wool to the actual sales of the finished product. With the project, Roland Pieter aims to provide insight into the properties of the various links in the production chain and into the origin of the added value that is added within the various components. The series consists of seven different blankets in which the quality of the various stages of the yarn is displayed through the appearance and feel.

Wolwaeren reintroduces the centuries-old woollen-blanket culture to the Netherlands and aims to realize the processing locally, as close to the source as possible. Wolwaeren blankets are made on Texel on specially developed wooden weaving looms made by people with intellectual and physical disabilities.